1997 Mazda Protege Owners Manual Pdf

Mazda b truck automobile owner's manual pages. Page Horn Horn To sound the horn, press around the mark of the steering wheel. Gasoline blended with oxygenates such as alcohol or ether compounds are generally referred to as oxygenated fuels. Additionally it is proven to be more efficient.

Mazda Protege Owners Manual Pdf

Visually examine the lines and hoses for leaks and damage. Lack of refrigerant may make the air conditioner less efficient. Ejecting the cassette tape Press the cassette tape eject button eject the cassette tape. Make sure the brake pedal is applied before shifting the shift lever.

Mazda Protege Owners Manual Pdf

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Be sure the belt retracts as snugly as possible. To close the window, pull up the switch.

The number is on a plate attached to the left top side of the dashboard. If the keyless entry system fails to operate, contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Proper lifting and towing are necessary to prevent damage to the vehicle.

You can also buy it from Amazon online marketplace and eBay. When the clock mode has been selected, the time will be displayed. This coaching provides elements description, servicing guide, trouble shooting methods, and knowledge of warranty. Pull it out again and examine the level.

Not securing the handle this way could allow it to snag luggage in the trunk and open the trunk lid. It will include the free package.

To deactivate the system, press the switch again. This may result in damage to the protective coating and cause discoloration or paint deterioration.

Page Air Bag System Description Gases are produced to inflate the air bags and after the inflation, the air bags quickly deflate. It could seriously affect ride, handling, ground clearance, tire clearance, and speedometer calibration. Page If the warning light remains on, or if the brakes do not operate properly, do not drive the vehicle. Only an Authorized Mazda Dealer can replace the systems.

Mazda Protege Owners Manual Pdf

Mazda 2003 Protege Owner s Manual

Contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. Page Appearance Care Prevention It is necessary to have your Mazda washed and waxed to preserve its finish according to the instructions in this section. For details, rpp bahasa inggris sma kurikulum 2013 pdf read the separate Mazda Warranty statement provided with the vehicle. You will definitely get a physical copy of Mazda Protege Owners Manual Pdf if you are buying a new auto from recognized garage. Mazda auto purchasers should be aware of Mazda Protege Owners Manual Pdf that may be launched from the automaker for every single produced auto.

Mazda Protege Workshop Manual L DOHC PDF

Clicking from the retractor will be heard during retraction if the system is in the automatic locking mode. There are also trouble shooting methods to make use of that information. Page Roof Rack The rear cross bar can be adjusted by sliding it.

This is the quickest and best way to address the issue. Then install the blade assembly in the reverse order of removal. Page Knowing Your Mazda Also write down the code number and keep it in another safe and handy place, but not in the vehicle. When replacing the seat bottom, be careful not to catch your fingers between the seat bottom and floor. After that, the air bags will not work again and must be replaced.

Have an Authorized Mazda Dealer inspect all seat belt systems in use during an accident before they are used again. Install the new bulb in the reverse order of removal. Page Introduction Claims against the warranty resulting from lack of maintenance, as opposed to defective materials or authorized Mazda workmanship, will not be honored. Press the audio control knob to select bass, mid-range, treble, fade or balance control. Every single auto is made based upon a strategy manufactured by the automaker.

We assure you that all of us at Mazda have an ongoing interest in your motoring pleasure and in your full satisfaction with your Mazda product. Page Engine Exhaust carbon Monoxide When inhaled, it can cause loss of consciousness and death. Never add cleaning agents other than those specified by Mazda.

An indicator light on the switch will illuminate when the fan control dial is on. All of it is determined by your needs. If one is broken, it will explode and serious injuries could be caused by the flying glass.

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Mazda Protege Owners Manual Pdf explains the constant maintenance process in step by step guide. By reading your manual, you can find out about the features, important safety information, and driving under various road conditions. Pursuing this manual is going to provide you with these pros.

Sudden braking or a collision could cause serious injury. Please contact your Authorized Mazda Dealer for more information. If the system does not operate correctly, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. On a metric stud, it would not secure the wheel and would damage the stud, which could cause the wheel to slip off and cause an accident. Raise the wiper arm and turn the blade assembly to expose the plastic locking clip.

Mazda Protege Workshop Manual L DOHC PDF