2013 Kia Optima Owners Manual Pdf

Try sliding the height adjuster to make sure that it has locked into position. Additionally, each outlet can be the system works sequentially according controlled to direct the air discharged from the outlet.

KIA Optima Hybrid 2013 Owner s Manual

Raise the wiper arm and turn the wiper blade assembly to expose the plastic blade assembly to expose the plastic locking clip. Heavy objects in the front passenger seatback could also interfere with the airbag sensing system. Compress the clip behind the wiper arm and lift it off the arm.

Page Dispose the battery according to your local law s or regulation. Page Emergency trunk lid release repaired by an authorized Kia cable dealer. These devices securely and return the sunvisor to may cause excessive audio static and its original position after use. To cancel or return to the defogging logic, do the fol- lowings.

2013 Kia Optima Owners Manual

The indi- vidual speeds are selected automatically, Shift lever depending on the position of the shift Button lever. It could damage the vehicle system and make endanger driving safety. Page Features of your vehicle To listen to the song displayed in the song category, press the button to skip to and play the selected song.

For this reason, the use of a cushion that holds the body away from the seatback is not recom- mended. Page Off - The Welcome Light function will be engine.

2013 KIA Optima - Owner s Manual (382 pages)

2013 Kia Optima Owners Manual

Page Keep the Keeping a vehicle in good operating con- engine on and downshift to an dition is important both for economy and appropriate gear for engine braking safety. Have your vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer immediately. If you lack sufficient authorized Kia dealer with special tools.

When replacing tread life than a regular size tire. The steering wheel should be positioned so that it is comfortable for you to drive, while permitting you to see the instru- ment panel warning lights and gauges. Do not forget to Adjust the tire inflation pressures to check both the engine coolant and Always check the tires for proper specification.

Page Features of your vehicle Tilt and telescoping if equipped steering Tilt steering allows you to adjust the steering wheel before you drive. Tire size can A compact spare tire has a shorter affect wheel speed.

Page Driving your vehicle Moving up a steep grade from a stand- ing start To move up a steep grade from a stand- ing start, depress the brake pedal, shift the shift lever to D Drive. The reservoir is filled at the fac- The electric motor cool- it cools down. Moving the seat always check that it is locked by forward will cause strong pres- shifting your weight to the front and sure on the abdomen. That weight may vehicle for trailer towing. To turn the hazard warning lights off, push the switch again.

This device must accept any interfer- ately take the vehicle and key to your ence received, including interference authorized Kia dealer to protect it from that may cause undesired operation. After use wipe off sealant switch off the compressor. Page Adjust it to the for thread style before installing specified pressure, if necessary. This causes not press on the horn with a sharp- damage to the heated steering pointed object. Set the fan speed to the highest posi- To defog inside windshield extreme right position.

Efficiency-smart, the Hybrid drags Optima back to a third community. Download Kia Optima Owners Manual. All Optima models get an adjusted Kia badge on the hood, trunk and steering wheel, dot.net pdf as properly as a new moving top headrest.

This can place the shift lever in P automatic cause the transaxle to overheat. Page Avoid using replacement the system involved and immediately Do not use a screwdriver or any consult an authorized Kia dealer. Always leave the vehicle in cantly more likely to be seriously gear. You may hear this sound come and go or it may occur whenever you depress the brake pedal.

The information and specifications provided in this manual were accurate at the time of printing. This manual applies to all Kia models and includes descriptions and. Use the instructions in this manual.

Pull the dipstick out, wipe it clean, and re-insert it fully. Replace the tire if leaks by keeping out dirt and mois- that you check the spare every fabric or cord is visible.

Do not dispose of it after use. Do not push or pull the vehicle to start it. If plug while the engine and radia- frequent additions are required, see an tor are hot. If you have a problem with the transmitter, contact an author- ized Kia dealer.

Page Maintenance Rotate radial tires that have an Wheel alignment and tire bal- Without a spare tire asymmetric tread pattern only from ance front to rear and not from right to left. Wait until the engine is cool before adding coolant to the reservoir.

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