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Here lies our lord all cut to pieces, the good man on the ground. His style was influenced by his regular reading of the Authorised Version of the Bible and it reflects the beauty and earnest simplicity of that translation.

The characters in the poem are not as real as Chaucer's. Another kind of play, the Interlude, was common in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The later part of the novel is chiefly about Parson Adams, a simple, funny, and good-hearted priest.

If you don't like it, that's your fault. He wrote more than half the book, and his love of nature is immediately clear. Pamela is a novel written in the form of letters, and these appeared one after the other. They are not very good plays, but in general the comedies are better than the tragedies.

Antony more wisely stirs up their feelings. He wanted to get rid of slavery. One of the best-known fifteenth-century Moralities is Everyman which was translated from the Dutch. Other poems taken straight from the Bible are the well-written Exodus, which describes how the Israelites left Egypt, and Daniel. Seriously, what's up with that?

Cleopatra is jealous, and Antony returns to Egypt. It is surprising that Wycliffe was not burnt alive for his attacks on religious practices.

He printed not only the works of other writers but also books from other countries translated by himself into excellent English prose. Jonson is the father of English literary criti- cism. As we should expect, basic accounting principles pdf free the language had changed a great deal in the seven hundred years since the time of Beowulf and it is much easier to read Chaucer than to read anything written in Old English. But it's useful if you need to have basic knowledge about British literature.

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Many of them are violent in language, and have neither literary value nor interest for modern readers. He was later burnt to death for his beliefs, but he is remembered for his careful and important work on the trans- lation.

It is the summury of all the periods from old English until contemporary literature. The book has a very simple language to understand, it's good introduction to English literature. At this time there was a fierce argument about the abilities and the books of the ancients and the moderns. This was moved to different parts of the town, so that a play shown in one place could then be shown in another. Jonson was also one of the best producers of masques at this or any other time.

Full text of An Outline Of English Literature Copy

Full text of An Outline Of English Literature Copy

He does several other things that Allworthy does not like, and Tom is driven out of the house. The novel is about eight times as long as an ordinary modern novel, but it was widely read in England and abroad in Richardson's day. On a long seat she sees a dead body, with blood on the floor below. If anyone thinks now to turn away from this war-play, may he be unhappy for ever after.

There was a natural tendency for the characters in the play to become recognizably human in their behaviour. The fourth earl of chesterfield is chiefly famous now for his letters to his son. It is a poet's dream, and the sleepy language has a special beauty. Pope also translated the Iliad and the Odyssey of Homer. We must now consider the prose of the Restoration time.

The story is nonsense - no one believes that living flesh can form part of an agreement at law - but the play is great. The Elizabethan age produced a surprising flow of lyrics. My life -joys have dis- appeared, as water runs away. True wit is nature to advantage dressed, What oft was thought but ne'er so well expressed.

Sir Gawain finishes the adventure with all honour. It is usually powerful and effective, and it is not used only to describe violence. Two lines rhyme when each has the same vowel sound bearing the last stress beat - e. True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, As those move easiest who have learned to dance.

For this reason we find these plays duller today, but this does not mean that the original audiences found them dull The plays presented moral truths in a new and effective way. He was a lawyer and a member of Parliament.

An Outline of English Literature by G.C. Thornley

Every girl of good family in those days learnt to speak, not only French, but also Euphuism. In the second poem, which is set in the autumn, he studies during the day and goes to a great church in the evening to listen to the splendid music. It summarizes the subject, but I would recommend it only for beginners. These, like much of the writing of that time, were written by monks in Latin. These plays were in general rather coarse, clever, bright, and partly a reflection of the behaviour of upper-class society of the time.

Yet even here Sterne's strange mind looks out at us from the pages. John wycliffe, a priest, attacked many of the religious ideas of his time. Dryden and Chesterfield had built up a fine prose style which was ready for use. Johnson wrote the book in one week to pay for his mother's funeral. He curses Edward and all his race.

Then he falls in love with the beautiful Sophia, daughter of Squire Western. It is written in the splendid blank verse that Marlowe brought to the stage.

Though Milton towers above all other poets of the time, several lyric-writers have left us sweet songs. And it gave me an idea of important books to read, so I highly recomend it especially for beginners. Belvidera goes mad and dies, and Jafner kills himself. The letters of Horace walpole are written in good prose, but the character of the writer is not always attractive. If a new play is found and supposed to be by Shakespeare, we can decide whether it belongs to his later work.

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In Old English several translations of parts of the Bible were made, but the first complete translation was Wycliffe's. Three old witches tell Macbeth that he will receive high honours and then become king. She is afraid of what may be there, but she bravely pulls it aside.

An Outline Of English Literature Copy

He only, in a general honest thought, And common good to all, made c one of them. Deor is a singer who has lost his lord's favour.

Wordsworth was a poet of nature, and had the special ability to throw a charm over ordinary things. Romeo and Juliet is the first of Shakespeare's great tragedies. Alexander Selkirk, a sailor who quarrelled with his captain, was in fact put on the island of Juan Fernandez, near Chile, and lived there alone for four years. Things are described indirectly and in combina- tions of words.