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Should I consider them Svartiska or Zhaaburi A? Unfortunately its original was lost. For translation back from Orcish to English or Russian you can use the search option. Interesting to hear from the Horngoth scribe. These are the first two lines from the end of a verse about the Rings of Power.

There are some words that are taken directly from scandinavian as well e. For me it was obvious However I was in doubt about ch should it be pronounced as in English or German.

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Dictionaries here contain about words which are quite enough for orcish way of life specially killing and destroying. The dictionary seems to only have the verb meaning. The other interesting Horngoth feature are some postpositions used the same as Latin prefixes. Kazan, Jatagan plural suffix -i can also be from Latin. Unfortunately there're not much feedback here and messages about Black Speech at various social networks are very scarce.

Below there are dictionaries created by me using Lugrekh's dictionary of all Black Speech dialects. The Black Speech is unfortunately one of the more incomplete languages in Tolkien's novels, as the forces of good are reluctant to utter it. Sauron created the Black Speech to be the unifying language of all the servants of Mordor, cdma introduction pdf used along with different varieties of Orkish and other languages used by his servants.

Dictionaries Below there are dictionaries created by me using Lugrekh's dictionary of all Black Speech dialects. This was found as a similarity to other ergative -absolutive languages such as an ancient Mesopotamian language, Hurrian.

Find the antonym for the word and add affix nar. Another man published it on the other site, but it didn't work at the moment of writing this text. Black speech could be understood by anyone who wore the One Ring. Would you say this phrase then?

And some Turkish-like too, i. This part of language also requires clarification they are not even visible at Horngoth pages, only in raw datafile. Many Orkish dialects had adopted words from the Black Speech. It also contains the short view on the rules of these dialects and a list of Orcish names.

The whole dictionary here is based on Red Hand wordlist by Lugrekh, but it is being slowly corrected and appended since opening of this site. The subject of this article or section originates from non-canonical sources. But I wouldn't mix two dialects together, and recommend you do the same. The result is a random collection of words that are hard to actually use in day-to-day conversation.

However, the nice thing about Black Speech is that the vocabularies are pretty inter-useful across dialects. Hey there, good to see Black Speech is alive and well!

This article or section needs citations. In my experience this is very difficult for English native speakers to understand. We learn from the text in the ring and its translation that the Black Speech is a strongly agglutinating language. The descriptive majority of this article or section's text may currently be speculative, and should be supported with references. How many words is the Svartiska wordlist that you've incorporated?

Tolkien created this language with the intention of making it harsh and ugly. Off and on, I've wanted to clean up my grammar notes, but I don't know if there's any interest. Also similar words from different dialects were grouped under one entry. Do the orcs able to love mentally or to spare without an order? As stated just above, orcs like to join several short words in one longer.

Look for the word with same stem and change it into other part of speech using the language's rules. Should I add information about real language sources into dictionary?

Black Speech Dictionary

Only this dictionary will be updated in the future. Think if this word could exist in the world of Arda?

But at least me and author of Zhaburi dialect may be interested. All of them were adopted from other dialects, so they don't break their rules. Ok it is probably generally the same list then.

Forget English or your native language. Modern words are almost totally absent in this dictionary. Try to split up lengthy Black Speech word for translation into English.

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