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He is about to slam it into his brother's head when suddenly he stops himself. Chaya digs in her pocket and produces a tiny remnant. They toss one bottle to Zus and another to Tuvia. The Private keeps running.

Men wear citified coats and some women have furs. We have covered every field and stone with ashes. Zus grabs it, points it at the farmer. Zus lets him go and Asael reaches back into the root cellar. The man nods, his mouth full of food.

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Ben Zion is showing Lazar and the other newcomers how to clean a weapon. Tamara shakes her head, no. Everyone knew you were smuggling this and that.

The gun is still in his belt. There is nothing that can help him. All Shimon can do is sit beside him. The policeman says nothing. Tuvia looks over at Asael, who looks away.

The farmer begins to weep. Nearby, Aron shares his ration of bread with Rachel. Lilka can't help but stare.

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Asael blushes, returns the focus to their prior conversation. But thank you for explaining it. Their breath condenses in the cold. People hard at work building zemylanka. Behind a tree, Tuvia is surprised by the mention of his name.

Grimly, she pockets the weapon, picks up the sack of food, and starts off. He looks out over the sea of expectant faces. He has sensed Malbin's growing influence.

He takes off his wool coat and puts it around her shoulders. Zus jumps up cocking the rifle. Tuvia glances back toward the woods.

The farmer knows Zus won't hesitate. When at last Tuvia speaks, it is almost to himself. Can you tell me, with absolute certainty, bass clef sight reading exercises pdf that we are not just as likely to die out there with you in the woods with Winter coming on?

Select your best fighters and send them to us. Zus is high from the killing, covered in the dead man's blood. Zus, meanwhile, is in the middle of a nasty drunk from the captured schnapps.

His wife is instantly terrified. Savior of the Jews and all around Big Shit. He is the center of attention, and he knows it. Zus looks from one immovable force to the other. Where they the one's who killed my parents?

Watch the movie trailer Defiance. Help us build the largest writers community and scripts collection on the web! The web's largest movie script resource! He presents him with the Schmeisser as if it were a trophy.

Asael worships his big brother. She looks up at him, helpless to be so revealed. For a moment we think he's going to go back after him. But Asael is lost in a confusion of grief and panic. The women would slow us down.

Overgrown with tall grass it is undetectable. Tamara is pleasant-looking but emotionally wounded. It is all over in seconds.

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Tuvia takes a rifle from Asael and holds it aloft. She holds Asael's arm and looks up at him with absolute rapture. Malbin and Tuvia watch them. Tuvia emerges from his bunker. The gunshots will give us time to escape.

Tuvia motions for them to take defensive positions while the others escape. They stare in astonishment. Zus takes the pistol from Tuvia's belt. Around them, the beseeching eyes of so many hungry faces.

Zus stands unsteadily, then lurches into the woods, leaning on an occasional tree for support. His face is dirty and tear-streaked.

Defiance Script at IMSDb

When we do, you call it stealing. Teach them the Deeds and the Prophecies. They stare at Tuvia balefully.

Aron hurries after her into a wooded grove, then stops short. She drinks, refuses to grimace. You will make me blintzes! Malbin and Shimon go back to work.

He is deep inside himself. Tuvia shakes his head, no. Their eyes meet for just a moment. For my brothers and for all the others.