English Result Pre-intermediate Workbook Pdf

Extra help Ask students to underline two new words in each description in the audio script. Set a short time limit for students to copy tabie and classify the words. You feel sick every time you watch an operation.

Dothe exampieasa classto check studentsunderstand. After exchanging a couple of emails, we decided to meet for coffee.

Choose the best description. Takea class voteonwhat Wandashoulddotomorrow. Nominate severalstudentsto giveeachanswerandmonitor for correct pronunciation. Tellthe students who are listening to make a note of the topics in exerciser as their partner gives information.

Your exam results weren't bad. Are the context, main event, mensa puzzles pdf and result clear? Practise telling the story.

English Result Intermediate Student s Book pdf file

Download English Result Intermediate Pdf.pdfEnglish Result Pre-Int SBEnglish Result Intermediate - Free Download

It a book, but in fact it's a box. Their partnersaysthe reiationshipbetweenthe personandWanda, Monitorandgivepronunciationpracticeasnecessary. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. But quite often we misunderstand what the other person is saying. Danny's learning to play the trumpet.

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Encourage students to smile as they speakas it will help them sound friendlier. She asked For some bananas and the greengrocer asked which ones she wanted. Check vocabularyasnecessary. SlideShare Explore Search You. For example, for interests, students could add placesthey have visited and peoplethey have met.

English result intermediate teacher book tb pdf

Encouragethem to write their ideasasthey cometo mind. The two girls on either side of the princess are her maids of honour, Maria and is kneeling and offering Margarita a drink. They tick with some help if their partner has had to ask another question about one or two ofthe people. Tell students to listen again and write the topic words for each country. Play the audio, pausing for students to repeat after each one.

English result intermediate teacher book tb pdf. Ask students if spelling in English always represents pronunciation.

English Result Intermediate - Free Download

Gothroughthe instructionsandplaythe audiofor studentsto underlinekeywordsasthey iistenandto answerthe question photoz. She was top of the class and got A grades in all her subjects. At the end of the activity ask students to show each other their photos.

English Result Pre-Int SB

They continuethe conversatronsotlre mrsunderstandingls resolved. If you carry on like this, I'll grow up once! Who do you speak to most on the phone? Put students into groupsto discusstheir ideas. Examples I've learned to drive.

Ask for volunteersto give answers. Quicklyand then slowlywhentheyfind wordsconnectedwith the idea. We'll put on heavy metal music, turn it up tell me off! Were your guesses correct?

Put students into pairs to take turns to ask and answer questions using the mind map. Monitor for the use of the past simpleand past continuousand make a note of any problems. Gothrough the examplewith the classandput studentsin pairsto continue. Drawthree columnson the boardand elicit suggestions. Example The walls didn't use to be white.

Askstudentsto readtitles a-g and checkvocabularyas necessary. Extra plus Ask students to finci the words and and becausein the text. They imagine they are in an art galiery and have a conversationabout it.

Look at a photo and ask and say who the people are. Just leave them on the table.

English Result Intermediate Student s Book pdf file