Epson Lx 300 Service Manual Pdf

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The printer performs color printing unidirectionally. Auto selection is also available. The motor is driven with phase excitation and phase excitation. When the printing is started. Is the platen gap Adjust the platen gap at the Carriage is replaced.

Epson lx 300 service manual pdfEpson lx 300 service manual pdf

Use only tools specified here. Table lists each point along with its recommen ded lubricant. If a problem or symptom recurs following an attempted repair, refer to Table to try find other potential causes. For This section procedure to identify the problems from the abnormal symptoms.

The operate simultaneously to push and two traders pull the paper through the printer mechanism. Repair of Problem in the main board assembly Continued Rev. Switch Function -Alternates printing and non-printing status. Detect Timing Ribbon detector When the power is applied. Page Removing The Roller Assy.

By receiving a magic string, livro cultura um conceito antropolgico pdf selected manually by Default Setting or selected automatically. Label size See the figure below. You can use either cutsheet or continuous paper. Arty points of special concern follow the description of the procedure. Figure assembly is shows the carriage movement mechanism.

Reference Table Continued Description Description? Abnormal control panel operation.

Optional interface board is not supported on this model. The option is composed of the color ribbon shift mechanism.

Read the precautions adjustment. If paper is not loaded, insert a sheet of paper.

Set the multimeter to the resistance measuring range. The Color ribbon feed mechanism is shared in common with black ribbon feed mechanism, and the shift mechanism shifts the ribbon cartridge up and down.

When the push tractor is installed at the paper exit instead of paper entrance, the tractor functions as a pull tractor instead of a push tractor, pulling the paper out of the printer mechanism. Refer to troubleshooting flowcharts in this chapter to identify a defective part and an appreopreate repair for it. Platen gap adjustment is required at the following cases. Refer to the other troubleshooting items. When recovering from the economy mode.

Selected number is fixed and the next alignment pattern is printed. The function of these two boards is the same, except for a difference in primary circuitry. This section explains the disassembly and assembly of Product Name. The table below shows printing lines. When the procedure for installing a component is of the procedure for removing the component, no description of the installation is given.

Epson lx 300 service manual pdf

The carriage motor driver uses an open-loop, constant-current drive arrangement. If drivers, if printhead The printhead A particular shorted, ak necessary.

Epson lx 300 service manual pdf

Each wire has own drive coil, which causes the wire to move in and out of the printhead to print each dot.

Page Removing The Motor Assy. Indicates that the printer is ready to receive data or not.

Page Removing The Board Assy. This section describes how to run a hex dump. When you select the destination, the select menu below appears. Refer to the exploded diagrams for C.

The printer prints out the firmware version. This section describes the paper handling mechanism for this printer.

Epson lx 300 service manual pdf

The disassembling procedure is shown in the flowchart below. Self Test Print is Abnormal.

Open loop control switches the phases paper end detector, bottom paper end detector and push tractor unit. Following adjustment is executed. Page Overview Disasaambly and Asaambly L. This -on describes the major components and explains how the board works. Reference Table Description Ref.