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These steps would ensure in maintaining peace in western nations. Being a bearer of such weapon can be a beneficial of some selfish mindset, but for a larger perspective, it poses a worst threat to the whole world than human being ever witnessed. Xenophobia means discrimincation against outsiders. The more educated the people in a country are, the more successful their nation becomes. It is said that knowledge is power because the more someone is knowledgeable he has more employment opportunities.

Check out these essay writing topics with answers for the interview! Take Essay writing test, common topics for essay writing, perl scripting examples pdf Compare your written communication skills by reviewing the essay of other candidates! Please correct your essays list in correct format. In the writing section i wrote an agree and disagree question instead of a discussion question which was the question on the test. But my writing and speaking is not good.

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Well educated candidates could find more job opportunities. There are also daily practice activities on our Facebook page. How will that affect my score. This great technological innovations from these small built in computer has affected our way of living. The government should invest more money in science education rather than other subjects to develop the country.

Study and employment distract one from another. More guns have given rise to more killings and shootings. Employment after scientific education helps to develop the economy of the country.

Education is a critical element of the prosperity of any nation. Individuals need to accept other cultures with open arms and should not force once beliefs on to others. People that have same interest can meet easily of Social Medias groups and sites.

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View a Sample answer for Xenophobia essay. Your writing is very easy to understand. Information revolution has encouraged mass communication. In my opinion, both governments and individuals are equally responsible and will have to take measure to reduce xenophobia. Furthermore, highly educated people could serve in their places better than the less ones.

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Dear sir I want to appear the pte exam. View a sample answer for Polygamy Essay.

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Choose your favorite topic among the essay writing topics with answers for interview and make a resounding impression during your live interview test! It is the need of time to put forward such accord on global level, whose main purpose is to curb the detrimental effects of scientific advancements. In last few years it has been seen in many developed western countires that discrimination against migrants has increased a lot. Nevertheless, there remain some drawbacks which can be overwhelming.

Time management and convenience is very essential in a week full schedule. After that they should be firmly stuck in your head for good. The ownership of cars should be restricted to one per family in order to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. In this modern world we are living here today, it has been widely acceptable to every human being about the changing appearance of our very own country. The best way to keep up to date with our latest posts is to like our page on Facebook.

If you are going to study or practice anything then do it within the context of one of the common topics. Please can you share the same with me.

This is why so it gets improving no matter how and what the costs. It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and getting established in a good job? You have categorized it as opinion, though it is specifying as Agree or disagree. That will be reflected in all other fields like industry, agriculture or even tourism.

In this essay, it will discuss the main reasons. It is also very important to review words regularly. Indeed, if doctors are well teached and have the needed experience, they will perform their work in the perfect way so as to help people and cure them.

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No, Absolutely no problem. My ielts test was last Saturday. More and more people now own a gun and that has led to increase in number of cases reported for murders in some countires. Essay Extreme sports like skiing, rafting, diving should be banned. Technological innovations have affected our lives.

This essay will discuss why practicing in the relevant field is more important than just idling after obtaining knowledge. This is not an argumental essay.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thus, people use these applications for their own conveniece. For these reasons, xenophobia is on rise. Education is one of the most important elements to develop any country.

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People can now watch programs from different cultures and use these shows for their understanding about various cultures. Governments and individuals need to find a way to reduce the menace of xenophobia for the greater good of the nation. Almost every household has at least one form of media which we use in our leisure time.

Such as, friends meeting on whatsapp without actual gather. Technologies has been our life nearest commitment and I agree that it has been part of our daily lives over a decades now.