Formation Of Private Limited Company In India Pdf

Procedure for Formation of Private & Public Company in India

Procedure for Formation of Private Limited Company in India

Only electronic payment of the fees shall be allowed i. In addition, standard accounting practices are required. Amol Turkhade Innoway Technologies Director. When can the newly formed company start its business operations? In bank statement, passbook print of transactions in last two months is to be attached.

Private Limited Company Formation

Withholding tax on payments of dividends along with payment of interest and royalties to non-residents are required. Attach the photograph and scanned copy of supporting documents i.

What are the other registrations to be done by Company after registration? Board of Directors meetings can be held anywhere in the world. Bearer shares are not permitted.

Provided that Bank statement Electricity bill, Telephone or Mobile bill shall not be more than two months old. However, their shares do not trade on public exchanges and are not issued through an initial public offering. Every details regarding charges are mentioned in the Quotation file sent to you. Amended provisions of striking off the name of Company.

India LLC / Limited Liability Company Formation and Benefits

Instead of Stamp Paper, Stamp Tickets can also be used. However, like kind contributions are allowed in lieu of cash such as, computers, office equipment, vehicles, etc. The subscriptions must be notarized.

This type of organization in characterized by the fact that ownership and management is separate. We have tried to simplify the procedure to the maximum extent possible. One may also take printout of the Certificate of Incorporation generated online. You may also attach Bank Account statement as an optional attachment.

India LLC / Limited Liability Company Formation and Benefits

In principal approval from the concerned regulator wherever is applicable. Can an existing company be converted to other form of business? After the Incorporation, Do you get a Printed Certificate for same? What is included in our Private Limited Registration package.

Your email address will not be published. These are closely held businesses usually by family, friends and relatives. Its political system is a federal parliamentary constitutional republic with a President, Prime Minister, and a Legislature Parliament. Company Law Articles Featured.

What are the Type of Business Entities in India? It gets my highest recommendation!

Liability is limited to their share capital contributions. After ascertaining name availability from the Registrar of Companies steps should be taken to get the memorandum and articles of association for the proposed company drafted and printed. The process of change of company address is very easy and it can be done within hours if the new address is within the same city. After the registration of the company, the Registrar will issue under his hand and seal of his office, the Certificate of Incorporation in the name of the company and send it electronically.

The Indian director is not required to be a shareholder. However, shareholders meetings must be held in India. However members of the Board of Directors must include one director who is a citizen and resident of India. Along with the above details in the Form no. What is Authorized Capital?

The capital of the Company is provided by a group of people called shareholder who entrust the management of the Company in the hands of persons known as Board of Directors. Paid up share capital of a company is the amount of money for which share were issued to the shareholder and for which payment was made by shareholder. However, shares can be issued in different classifications. But CorpAid helped me with focus and now we are not only growing but more importantly working with our ideal clients!

What are the documents required for Company Registration? No charges for requirement list and Quotation. However, a fixed time line can not be committed due to legalities involved in the due process. Address proofs like bank statements, electricity bill, telephone bill, utility bills etc.

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Private Limited Company FormationIndia LLC / Limited Liability Company

Newsletter Join our newsletter to stay updated on Taxation and Corporate Law. Form was approved and name was reserved. How much time is needed for Registration of a company?

Procedure for Formation of Private Limited Company in India