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Keep checking out the posts. Grabovoy's early release in May was appealed by the regional prosecutor office.

Grabovoi Numbers

State this number aloud three times. Now transfer the numbered sphere into your body's Solar Plexus or Pineal Gland and ask your higher self to initialize cellular differentiation within the physical realm. He also claimed himself as a second advent of Christ on Earth. The next step is to instruct your neo to take holographic stem cells from your spinal cord and teleport and super impose them over the area you want to regenerate or alter.

This is called your quantum transfiguration chamber. The second and third apply to you. At the conclusion send this light you been working in a bright burst with as far left into the universe, then arc the light back into your right side. Accepting that all is energy, Radionics sees organs, diseases, and remedies as having their own particular frequency or vibration.

Create a silvery, white sphere at heart level, cm. You can also connect with Ana Heart for private sessions and also workshops where these conditions and many others, are addressed. This is why I have this blog.

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At this point you may wish to take a break for a few moments and allow the cells to begin the regenerations process. Find the ones that you like and practice them.

He discusses his abilities in his three volume book The Practice of Control. Im at present in heavy indebtedness. There is controversy over this one. That's what they are programmed to do. They are important so be sure to leave spaces when indicated.

As miraculous as the following information sounds, please do not discontinue or begin any new health treatments without the consultation of your doctor. So your heart cells are programmed to make more heart tissue, your bladder cells are programmed to make more bladder cells. These numbers provide the means by which the practitioner can identify and treat disease at a distance. However, I do recommend studying his books and using the information. Hi, I just wonder that the sphere you mentioned must be a real object or we should use it as just an imagination?

If this is a lot to remember then try this guided meditation. The following information is provided for entertainment purposes only. Dudieva named some of the media outlets that spread false information, often opposite to what she personally conveyed to them. Now visualize a holographic copy of the organ you wish to regenerate, this image should be of perfect size, health, and vitality. Could you please give some details and also details on the application i.

To lower cholesterol and for hypothyroid, Hashimoto. Allow them to differentiate into whatever tissue you want be, such as a blood vessel, a nerve, a muscle cell or whatever. Email required Address never made public.

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He wanted these abilities to be learned by all so that they too could use their gifts to prevent catastrophes, through creation without destruction. Using his clairvoyance he could remotely examine aircraft, iIn conditions of experiment he did works for materialization, de-materialization, teleportation and these works were stated in the minute. Incorporate them into yourself as much as you can and in whatever way feels best.

Well here is step by step process to simply this process. Everything is so confused. The original Russian language transcript can be found here.

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He regenerated destroyed matter. This is why Grabovoi numbers can be used for remote diagnostics and regeneration of matter within any term of time through transformation of time into space form. You may want to do the same sphere once per day until the goal is accomplished.

Grabovoi NumbersHealth Number Codes

Yours cells have all the genetic information necessary to make new tissue. By converting this information into known geometric form. It finds the geometrical centre of the person who is performing the exercise. You can also write them on your clothing.

While doing this visualize the pulsating light massaging your organs. My whole blog is solutions. According to Yelena Milashina of Novaya Gazeta, authorities arrested Grabovoy on charges of fraud and she alleged that Grabovoy was arrested at the behest of Vladimir Putin. Put number sequences in a silvery white sphere.

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Now visualize a sphere or cube of white-silver color in front of you. Thank and more power to you.

Health Number Codes

While doing this visualize a sphere of white-silver color in front of you, and within this sphere visualize your chosen Grabovoi number. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. There are several that will help you.

They were developed by the Russian psychic Grigori Grabovoi using his Radionic machine. If you are on facebook, there are plenty of groups dedicated to Grabovoi where you can obtain further information. Grabovoi Numbers Neo Protocol To learn how to use this technique, the linux cookbook pdf first select a number listed below for the condition you wish to work on and then activate the Grabovoi Numbers Neo Protocol. Lastly transfer this sphere with your Grabovoi number into your body's Solar Plexus or Pineal Gland and ask your higher self to initialize cellular differentiation within the physical realm. Then instruct your soul to begin healing and integration.

Hi, im new with these grabavoi numbers, i want to try and get healed, how will i do it. Yes, do any or all of those. Notify me of new posts via email. Put in numbers that will help you accomplish your goal. This number is useful for anchoring in the present moment.

Health Number Code

Read the numbers under the sphere. The numbers should also be silvery, white. Do i have to chant or memorize these number codes.