Hdp5000 - Pdf

Pack the Printer in the original carton and packing materials. These often share the same data cable or port as a Printer and can be the source of communication problems. See the Reviewing the Web Page Server section. Note that the card grid lines are spaced at.

Printer A Fargo Printer with the Ethernet option installed is required. Log in as a root User using the password if you are so prompted. Page This will launch the Fargo Support page.

To order additional materials, please contact the authorized reseller. For this reason, your Fargo warranty is void, where not prohibited by law, if you use non-Fargo Certified Supplies. Diode Media A generic reference to anything onto which the Printer can transfer an image including cards, Ribbon and film. Using the Standby Temp Option This option changes the temperature used when the printer is in standby mode.

Conducting the Tape adhesion Test continued See the previous page. Any change of setting will only be accepted after you have successfully logged in.

Page Font A character set similar in style and form. The check box allows User to suppress message per Driver instance.

Hdp5000 - pdf

Fargo HDP5000 User Manual

Hdp5000 - pdf


Load the Lamination Rolls into the Cartridges until they click. Begin the upgrade by clicking Upgrade, as shown below. Follow the same instruction as above for the back side of the card. This Module can be ordered pre-installed on the Printer from the factory or can be ordered separately as a field upgradeable Module.

Study the image on the right to determine correct gamma. Page This will launch the Support page. Page Printer operations including Switches providing a variety of self-tests. See the procedures in this section for more instructions.

Display D - Connecting the plug from the power supply to the Lamination Module, xm pdf as shown below. Page Follow this procedure.

Reverse instructions to re-assemble. Page A semiconductor that emits light when a current is applied. Page Adjusting The Card Flattener If the card is bowing upward, the reverse bending pressure may be too great. Users must have administrative rights, and they must enter the correct password to alter settings of the Printer.

Then, double-click on the Setup. These include network settings, logging setting, User names and User passwords.

Page A sequence of characters that form a line of data. The Guide can be used effectively either in soft or hard copy, depending on the preference of the installer or technician. Press Resume continuing Printer operation. Reviewing Information on the Supplies tab Relates to the procedure on the previous page. Page Fargo Electronics, Inc.

Page Installation And Removal Procedures Flipper Module Accessory Press the release tab in back while simultaneously pulling at the center of the bottom edge. Page A small array of mechanical switches installed on the Board that In-line Package can be configured to change Printer operations including Switches providing a variety of self-tests. Using the Advanced Image Color window Step Procedure Click on the Default button to clear changes back to the default settings for this window only.

Reinstall the cartridges and close the cover once the Printhead is completely dry. Press the Select button to reset the User passwords to the default settings of empty strings. Print another alignment card. To order additional materials, please contact your authorized reseller. These options allow you to control the Printer's Lamination process.

Hdp5000 - pdf

Read the License Agreement. Page Move the slide to the right to cause more heat to be used, thus generating a darker print. Page Select Administration when the Home page appears.

Leave it off if your printer is upgraded for the Flipper or Lamination Module. The storage is available on the output tray or the Lamination Module. Move and size as needed by grabbing the corner of the box. Please refer to the pictures below. See the Printer web page description.

See Display A on the next page. Check the Enable Secure Imaging Checkbox. This information should be available from the card manufacturer. This is set up in the background.