How To Assemble A Desktop Computer Step By Step Pdf

Step 2 Take Out Screws and Cover Off the Case

Finally, select a compatible operating system, and follow the instructions to install. Make sure that it is orientated correctly.

Step 1 Procuring Parts

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. This graphics card for example requires two extra power connectors. Nice tutorial you have here, I used this for referance multiple times.

The computer is now ready to be turned on and to have software loaded on it. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them? Which motherboard size is the standard one?

This set of instructions will help you assemble a basic computer capable of running most modern software packages encountered by a casual user. This instruction will teach you how to make a personal desktop computer. You have just put together a working computer.

The first image is what a fan connector looks like and the second is what they connect too. Every device that has been installed needs power.

Keep all instruction manuals. Click here to share your story. As static is a large danger to components dust, hair and other things that could interrupt connections can also be a problem. This will prevent any potential pressure damage.

It is important to reduce the possibility of this happening as much as possible. Consult individual component manuals for specific troubleshooting information if problems persist.

These should be front panel connections for features such as the power switch, audio jacks and usb ports. Attach the Mainboard back plate to the case and check the Mainboard mounting positions. The hard drive and disc drives both have their own power inputs. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Kits are supposed to contain compatible parts, but mistakes can happen.

The motherboard's instructions should tell the position of the motherboard. Check to see that the notch in the board is in the correct location. Make sure your connectors are connected to the correct pins and are in the correct orientation.

There should be separate connections for the power supply and the motherboard. Slide the drive into place until the screw holes on the sides are lined up with the holes in the case.

How to Assemble a Basic Desktop PC 15 Steps

Things You'll Need Motherboard. Check the screw hole locations on the motherboard for exact placement. It depends on the limits on your motherboard.

As carpet is more likely to create static. Cookies make wikiHow better.

It works best to leave the screws loose until all of them have been started and the board is aligned with the bezel. For other cases it is likely you will need to use screws to hold down your extra cards. The case and motherboard's instructions should tell where to connect the cables. Thank you for your feedback! Did you make this project?

Assembling a Desktop Computer 20 Steps (with Pictures)How to Assemble a Basic Desktop PC

First you will need to buy the parts necessary to build the computer. There are some steps for you to follow. Otherwise, the hobbit rules manual pdf if you are having problems please continue onto the next step for trouble shooting.

The case fan is usually installed on the back panel of the case. It pushes in from the inside. Along with hooking up the power cords, front panel cords, and fan connectors. If this does not work, look at your front panel wires.

Assembling a Desktop Computer

Check the motherboard size, whether it is atx, micro atx, or mini atx, and then check whether the case you have chosen supports that size. Make sure to connect all the connections to the drives and the motherboard. It is best to make sure the area you are working in is clean, your hands are clean, and hair is put up to help prevent damage to components. Always wear a grounding strap when handling any internal components.

Connect the fan assembly's power connector to the motherboard. All of the standoffs and screws must be installed. Should I mount the motherboard in the case first, or should I insert the memory chips first? Pull the locking rod down on the fan assembly to lock into place.