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Pyrethrum acts on insects with phenomenal speed causing immediate paralysis, thus its popularity in fast knockdown household aerosols. These have been discontinued although the registrations remain. One of the most effective control methods for controlling social insects, like ants and termites.

In recent decades, many synthetic pyrethrin-like materials have become available. Initially, the discovery was made in search of substitutes for nicotine, which was heavily used as an insecticide but in short supply in Germany. This water-soluble salt is used to treat lumber and other wood products to control decay fungi, termites, and other wood infesting pests. They are used on ornamentals and many crops to control various insects.

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. Most are highly penetrating, reaching through large masses of material.

The most successful insecticides in this class are the juvenoids juvenile hormone analogues. Sulfur, mentioned in the introduction, is very likely the oldest known, effective insecticide. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. There are dozens of others.


It is the only member of this group at present and the mode of action is not yet determined. It is one of the oldest and safest insecticides available. We include a section on the biorationals below and will address the overlaps in that section. However, there are exceptions. Strepsiptera twisted-winged parasites Coleoptera beetles.

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These trialkyl tins also inhibit photophosphorylation in chloroplasts, the chlorophyll-bearing subcellular units and could therefore serve as algicides. Though these compounds were originally derived mainly from plant extracts, the toxic agents of some of them e. Historically, repellents have included smoke, plants hung in dwellings or rubbed on the skin as the fresh plant or its brews, oils, pitches, tars, and various earths applied to the body. Premixed liquid, usually in a pump spray bottle or as a hose-end attachment.

Understanding Common House and Garden Insecticides - Insects in the City

Some imitative words are more surprising than others. Unfortunately, neither product succeeded commercially. The first was introduced in to increase the effectiveness of pyrethrum. The fluoride ion inhibits many enzymes that contain iron, calcium, and magnesium. Tobacco, pyrethrum, derris, hellebore, quassia, camphor, and turpentine were some of the more important plant products in use before the organized search for insecticides began in the early s.

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Analogues of nereistoxin have been known for decades. Dictyoptera Blattodea cockroaches, termites Mantodea mantises.

Wikisource has the text of the Encyclopedia Americana article Insecticide. Helpful Resources Books about insects Insects in the classroom Resources for insect collecting and observing Insect identification help Diagnostic sample guidelines. Carbamate insecticides have similar mechanisms to organophosphates, but have a much shorter duration of action and are somewhat less toxic. The nicotinoids are a newer class of insecticides with a new mode of action. The result has led us to plant pesticides.

They are generally much more toxic than the chlorinated hydrocarbons. Factors that influence the choice of formulation include cost, convenience in mixing and use, effectiveness against your target pest and safety. Although the mode of action of the precocenes is still unclear, it is known that they depress the level of juvenile hormone below that normally found in immature insects. In addition, there is azadirachtin from the neem tree which is used in greenhouse and on ornamentals.

For example, birds may be poisoned when they eat food that was recently sprayed with insecticides or when they mistake an insecticide granule on the ground for food and eat it. It provides another way of classifying insecticides. Inorganic insecticides are those that do not contain carbon. Natural pyrethrum has seldom been used for agricultural purposes because of its cost and instability in sunlight. We use pesticides almost every day, from ant and roach sprays for the kitchen, to weed killers for the lawn, leaf morphology pdf mildew cleaners for the bathroom and mosquito repellents outdoors.

Currently, the better nomenclature is simply pyrethroids. It lacks the stomach or contact characteristics of tebufenozide. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Pyrethrum Pyrethrum is extracted from the flowers of a chrysanthemum grown in Kenya and Ecuador. They disrupt immature development and emergence as adults.

Time Traveler for insecticide The first known use of insecticide was in See more words from the same year. Despite its low toxicity to insects, mammals and birds, fish are highly susceptible to toxaphene poisoning, in the same order of magnitude as to the cyclodienes. They are usually heavier than air and commonly contain one or more of the halogens Cl, Br, or F.

The enzyme is said to be phosphorylated when it becomes attached to the phosphorous moiety of the insecticide, a binding that is irreversible. Before a more edified approach to insect olfaction and behavior was developed, it was wrongly assumed that if a substance was repugnant to humans it would likewise be repellent to annoying insects. For broader coverage of this topic, see Pesticide. They are less effective against surface crawling pests, unless these also spend much time underground in the treatment zone. Definition of insecticide.

Understanding Common House and Garden Insecticides

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Today, sulfur is a highly useful material in integrated pest management programs where target pests specificity is important. One way to think of pesticides is as low-impact or as conventional. Organic insecticides, which are organic chemical compounds, mostly working by contact. Liposolubility appears to be an important factor in their action, since these narcotics lodge in lipid-containing tissues found throughout the insect body, including their nervous system.

In general they penetrate insects readily and are toxic to a wide range of species. These also target the insect's nervous system.

Synergists simply bind the oxidative enzymes and prevent them from degrading the toxicant. Heterocyclic derivatives The term heterocyclic means that the ring structures are composed of different or unlike atoms, e. These are summarized below. Rapid photodegradation of both abamectin and emamectin occurs on the leaf surface.

Their greatest value is in the control of caterpillars and beetle larvae. Some formulations are flammable.

Come in various forms including pellets, dusts, gels, liquids and granules. Insecticides are substances used to kill insects. As a salt, it is non-volatile and will remain effective as long as it is kept dry and in adequate concentration.