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At this point, of course, the reasons are not at all clear, but they will be- come much clearer as we proceed. This is partly because they tell us what is included in the field of study and what is left out. It means, in other words, demonstrating a meaningful continuity between the past and the present. Bibliographic information. Into the Third World, or someplace else?

Quantitative and qualitative methods. So, what does all this have to do with comparative politics?

Issues and Methods in Comparative Politics (4th ed.)

And what is true of the past is almost assuredly true of the present. For it tells us, quite clearly, that outwardly objective fields of study are not immune to a host of subjective, generally hidden social and political forces.

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Earlier I noted that comparativists tend to look at cases as wholes and to com- pare whole cases with each other. It is to this question that I will turn next. This seems an obvious point about which most scholars would agree.

Germany, however, has one of the lowest gun-related murder and overall homicide rates in the world. Terms that appear in boldface type are defined in the Glossary see p. Singlecountry studies as comparison. Again, the answer may seem obvious at first blush especially in the context of comparative politics.

In this regard, it is no coincidence that one of the most influen- tial academic books of the s and s was W. Are fundamentalist religious beliefs and democracy compatible? This bit of history, it is important to understand, is still relevant. Nor can it account for how the same end can be reached by different historical routes. Yet the distinction between American and comparative politics still exists in the United States.

By their very na- ture, in fact, many corporate decisions have a deep influence on how resources are obtained, used, produced, and distributed. To sum up, doing comparative politics requires, minimally, a clear-eyed understanding of what comparative politics is, of what it means to compare, and of the importance and necessity of theory. What is Comparative Politics.

And, last, how do we compare? The Importance of Logic We are not going to resolve the debate here. Unfortunately, comparative politics, or at least those who have helped shape the field, have been guilty of just this sin. Fortunately, there are a number of very good intro- ductory texts that do just this. Thus, social causation is often both multiple and conjectural, in- volving different combinations of causal conditions.

There is, of course, more to doing comparative politics than just these three requirements, but they consti- tute an essential foundation upon which everything else will stand. Just pointing out or describing differ- ences and similarities between any two countries, for example, is not by any account the be-all and end-all of comparative analysis. Students will encounter a most stimulating guide to the contemporary study of politics. Building on the strengths of the third edition, this highly regarded textbook continues to provide the best introduction to the strategies of comparative research in political science. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Introduction To Comparative Political Analysis

There are, I should note, many political scientists who would disagree with this broad conception of politics. Ecological and individualist fallacies. In other words, what is the purpose of comparing?

It is not although some parts may certainly be. Cases units of analysis variables and observations.

Combining the definitions of state and nation creates the concept of the nation-state. Explaining gun violence is just one example, but there are many others. Still, it is not clear what the differ- ence is.

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In practice, most compar- ativists agree with this view of politics, which is why comparative political analysis today tends to be wide-ranging and inclusive. Indeed, differences are crucially important in any type of compara- tive analysis.

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An Introduction

It begins by examining different methods, then highlights some of the big issues in comparative politics using a wealth of topical examples before discussing the new challenges in the area. They introduce students into substantive issues through the lenses of contrasting methods. Moreover, I want you to understand that few social, political, high school biology book pdf free or economic issues can be adequately understood or ex- plained without taking the time for careful and serious reflection.

Hence political science as it developed as a discipline in the United States was predominantly the study of American politics, for that is where the overwhelming emphasis and interest lay. Examples from the gender and politics literature have been incorporated into various chapters and empirical examples and data on various types of institutions have been updated. At the same time, they each differ in some mean- ingful way.

An Introduction

Thinking theoretically about comparative politics, in this regard, has value well beyond the confines of this particular subfield. Third, a specific cause may have opposite effects depending on context. We do need, however, to amend our definition of comparative politics.

Understanding the logic of comparative analy- sis, in fact, is essential to doing comparative politics. Well, the answer is, it depends.

Comparison presupposes multiple ob- jects of analysis. Second, causes rarely operate in isolation.