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Ample space for each day makes it an excellent daily planner. Wildland fire can be a friend and a foe. We keep adding new templates regularly to the list in many formats like Word, Excel, etc.

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The printable template is available as word, pdf and image file download. It has provided a forum open to anyone with anything useful to share with other wildland fire professional. Ensure that the copyright and attribution text stays intact while editing or printing. In the wrong place at the wrong time, wildfires can wreak havoc, threatening lives, homes, communities, and natural and cultural resources. The dedicated blank space at right makes it suitable for a vacation planner or appointment scheduler.

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This is more important than ever because over the last few decades, the wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Wildland fires are a force of nature that can be nearly as impossible to prevent, and as difficult to control, as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.

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Incident Business Practices. Instead, the agency works closely with other federal, tribal, state, and local partners. Home Managing the Land Wildland Fire.

We have multiple types of monthly and yearly Julian templates including the date countdown for the year and, preceding and succeeding month reference along with the Roman Julian calendar. You can download and customize these editable Julian templates as you like with Microsoft Office or any other office applications. Julian Calendar - Compatible with -. Download the free printable Julian date planner with week numbers, white and pharoah oral radiology 7th edition pdf holidays and earlier and following month reference in a portrait layout template.

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