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La Sombra del Viento by Carlos Ruiz Zaf n

He evidently was to I can't believe someone actually published this book. The conclusion of the story was great and I can't wait to read the next in this brilliant series of books. Brave, curious, but innocent, ten-year-old Daniel Sempere did not foresee the consequences when he opened that particular book to read. Clara is a physical angel who is blind while Fumero an emotional devil blinded by hate.

Zafon does a good job creating a sense of mystery early on, and there are obvious parallels between the main character Daniel Sempere, and Julian Carax, the writer whose past he is trying to uncover. The Spanish have a way of making all things metaphorically beautiful. It immediately draw attention as the last book of the author. Fermin was living death in the shadows of the street who had to get over his demons to find life worth living.

The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, hidden behind heavy bolted doors and high walls, brought voices alive of authors passed and present, who needed their story discovered and told. It is the Phantom of the Opera, those dark tunnels and pressure points, a lake with candles or drawing rooms with no fire in the grate and crazy wives being stored in attics over head.

And that voice demonstrates the problems I described in my first and second points. You know that moment, or better said that feeling, when you see someone who means a lot to you and you have that beautiful feeling inside of you. At five o'clock in the morning? So begins an incredible journey that carries Daniel through a gothic city filled with fantastic bookstores, exotic cafes, abandoned mansions and spirit-haunted graveyards.

The writing is absolutely gorgeous. God, in His infinite wisdom, and perhaps overwhelmed by the avalanche of requests from so many tormented souls, did not answer. It was just as surprising and enchanting and delightful as the first time I read it, if not more so. Norrell if I would have liked it better. This is a book about books, a story about stories.

In this sense death becomes a fate we chose ourselves. Yes, Romantic lit is full of cliche, but the thing is to do it in an intriguing way and with enough wit to keep your audience intere Trying too hard. This story was written as a mystery. Thinking about him gives me chest pains much less writing about him. For each of us there is one book that has been waiting for us from before we were born.

This book was grounded at the beginning, but the mystery aspect was so silly that it became farcical. While I believed the sex about Zafon's characters, done in secret and with fathers chasing down the culprits, how could they find out they were pregnant the next day? Got about halfway through because I was hoping it would get better, but it was still not grabbing me, so.

And the pervasive sharp humor makes the story quite self-aware of its own stylized nature, making the elements that can easily turn annoying into fascinating bits instead. Perhaps we were both defeated. All you hear is the authors voice, not any different characterizations. Nothing feeds forgetfulness better than war, Daniel.

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That is exactly what The Shadow of The Wind did. If you've been to the artistically enchanting city, you know it's the perfect backdrop to this eloquently enchanting tale with a gothic feel. For Daniel, it was a fast, uncompromising road to adulthood in which no secrets remained hidden. It was a constant reminder of what makes us all vulnerable and victorious in life.

Don't be fooled by this book. From the very first line to the end i loved it, and as a reader i am not easily pleased by anything. City of Shadows, Days of Ashes those are chapter titles, and it fit the background story of the Spanish Civil War and these days after the fall of Barcelona.

It is captivating and a new favorite. In a movie this would be too many people, but for this novel they were perfectly seamed, each point of view more entralling and taxing than the one before. And then there is the backdrop of love in all its despicable, deceiving, destructive or honorable definitions. Enrique Alonso, el protagonista de El anticuario, se ha trasladado a vivir a Nueva York.

Read it is all I can say, my friends. There is an even worse, and definitely fatal, problem with this book.

As the story twists and slowly unravels he doesn't know whose account to trust or how it will affect his life. Perspective, particularly in Nuria's letter, is off. Desde entonces no me llaman la atencion las novelas historicas.

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The author is such a terrible writer that he can't even solve his own mystery. Empece este libro y lo deje. Yes, Romantic lit is full of cliche, but the thing is to do it in an intriguing way and with enough wit to keep your audience interested.

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