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Bike Rack Yakima Halfback. Temp Sensor Adapter Automatic.

The doors, the tailgate and the fuel filler door are unlocked or locked. Do not continue driving, otherwise, the engine could be damaged because of inadequate lubrication. Automatic adjustment of the air distribu- tion and the air supply and adaptation of the specified temperatures to external influences outside temperature and sunlight. After releasing the handle, apply pres- sure to the seat to ensure that the latch engages securely.

Side marker lamps Side marker lamps in the wheelhouse paneling of the bumper. Inflation pressures are on a sticker attached to the B-pillar and visible with the driver's door open.

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Otherwise, the vehicle's engine, the electrical systems and the transmission may be damaged. Direct deactivation from second tempera- ture setting.

It operates against the rear wheels. Do not use the washers if there is any danger that the fluid will freeze on the windshield. Press the button for a longer period.

Jack the vehicle up until the wheel you are changing is raised from the ground. Page Tire Replacement To maintain good handling and vehicle response, use only tires of a single tread configuration from a single manufacturer. PayPal Customer Payment Instructions.

The window opens automatically. The correct wheel and tire combina- tion affects various systems that would otherwise be impaired, e.

Turn the steering wheel slightly to the left or right until the lock engages. Avoid full brake applications.

Mini Mania does not guarantee their accuracy or validity. Mini Cooper Owner's Manual pages. Camshaft- Performance Mini Mania.

Euro Chrome Side Repeaters. Drive cautiously and defensively. The use of leaded fuels will cause permanent damage to the emissions-control system's oxygen sensor and the catalytic converter.

Driving Lights, Factory type. Mirror Glass and Mirror Cover. Do not actuate the starter for too short a time. Mini Mini Owner's Manual pages. Cold Ait Intake System - Ultrik.

If you continue to have problems click on the Help Icon for additional options. Camshaft- Performance Schrick. Cylinder Head Performance Improvements. Page Online Edition for Part No.


Automobile Mini Cooper Owner's Manual pages. Cooper trailer hitch installation instructions. In addition, you can also shift manually. Manual operation In the event of an electrical malfunction, financial modelling concepts pdf you can also operate the tailgate manually.

Battery changing, see next column. The indicator lamp stays lit.

You can display the exterior tempera- ture and distance driven in other units of measurement. Release the lever so that the backrest locks into place. Pressing the switch again stops the opera- tion. Antifreeze and anti-corrosion agents are hazardous to health.

Page Park Distance Control pdc System malfunctions will be indicated by a continuous high-pitched tone when the system is activated the first time. Your E-Mail and or password are incorrect.

Click the green button below to go to the correct site. Release the igni- tion key immediately when the engine starts. Page Light-emitting Diodes Failure to do so could result in damage caused by undesired wiper activa- tion. Never place heavy or hard objects on the luggage compartment cover, as otherwise occupants could be injured during braking maneuvers.

MINI Cooper Workshop & Owners Manual

Page Wheel And Tire Combinations The manufacturer has tested certain tire brands in each size, categorized them as safe for use on the road, and approved them. Comply with legal requirements requiring you to carry a hazard warning triangle in the vehicle. Wilwood Rear Big Brake Template. Intercooler Bellows Upgrade. Make corrections in the longitudinal adjustment of the seat to ensure that the safety belt still fits firmly against your body.

We recommend that you read this publication thoroughly. Do not use retreaded tires, since driving safety may be impaired. The wipers are automatically activated for a brief period. The doors and tailgate are unlocked or locked only.