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Which one would you buy if you were in my position? But some companies are finally starting to get on-board with the larger screen ereader so we should at least be seeing a few more varieties in the next couple of months. The process of borrowing a book from a library shares some of the same restrictions. The others offer reflow natively.

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These are backlit devices that tire your eyes out very soon. Old technology for too much money. Small text size if the original formatting without reflow. It will be great if someone tries this as well.

As for updates, Sony rarely issues updates for their ereaders. It also does not mean that someone can make free copies of all files and openly distribute them.

What I would like to see is a large screen E-Ink reader with the option to scribble corrections in a text we first typed on our laptop. Free and open does not mean that someone can release to the world a document based on copyrighted material that belongs to someone else. Landscape fits to the height of a page so it is not much use either. The only thing I would add now is that Android tablets are just as good if not better than the iPad. You have not mentioned the iriver in your blogg, why not?

While the reader handles the reflow for odd numbered pages of original document perfectly, I find that the reflow for even number pages is broken. Even the soon to be released in the U.

Funny that you would ask that because I was recently thinking about updating this post but it is pretty much still entirely valid.

They should not be considered e-readers. No setting to change screen orientation.

The on-screen functions for text selecting, however, are hard to get just right with the Nook Touch. Most of the features work, pdf psp slim but not text-to-speech since the Nook doesn't support audio.

The Best eReader for PDF Viewing

Ereaders are sustained by selling ebooks. Might be buying an eReader for this purpose.

You will also find on the Internet some book files available in that open format. It comes with a wide range of features, too many to list here, so check the description at Amazon.

Then to be able to move the text with scribbles back to our laptop, still see the scribbles, and be able to correct the text. Or are there any new devices we should know of?

Nook Touch PDF Video Tour

Scribbling corrections and notes in the text on a light easy to handle device like it was on a paper notepad, instead of having to do all the checking on the much heavier and bigger laptop. This would be ideal for writing. Hi, would you say that this post is still current? It was let loose on an unsuspecting and ultimately grateful world in as an open and free standard. Is there any other, more appropriate, reader?

Any idea how often generally Sony releases firmware updates? They are also sold under the brand Icarus Excel.

It would be nice to quickly make correction scribbles first and then plug in an external full sizes keyboard and type in the corrections. Let alone having to always check on a desktop pc. It just comes down to preference from there. The software grants the user a lot of options, but PocketBook is still using older Vizplex screens instead of newer Pearl screens with higher contrast. Either on our laptop or the e-reader.

The two columns are probably giving it troubles. Maybe you could review it and let us know what you find. Going into settings and turning off page scroll helps. It has all the above features and is a good options. An unprotected version is intended to be redistributed more or less without restriction.

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