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Well, if the killer has any fears, once he hears your curses on him, he will not hold back, for they are serious. And I urge you now to make sure all these orders take effect, for my sake, for the sake of the god, and for our barren, godless, ruined land.

Your fine words make you deserve as much. You would move something made of stone to rage!

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It could not have been your craft. Before you came, my lord, to steer our ship of state, Laius ruled this land. But you, all-conquering, all-ruling Zeus, if by right those names belong to you, let this not evade you and your ageless might. Did he accuse me and announce the charges with a steady gaze, in a normal state of mind?

Speak it again, so I can understand you more precisely. Strophe But now whose tale is more miserable? May I die the most miserable of deaths, abandoned by the gods and by my friends, if I have ever harboured such a thought! Once you hear that, then judge me for yourself.

Oedipus the King by Sophocles

Oedipus the King by Sophocles

The man he mentioned is, I think, the very peasant from the fields you wanted to see earlier. Remember me on this computer. With a scream Oedipus came bursting in.

In these present troubles, if he believes that he has suffered injury from me, in word or deed, then I have no desire to keep on living into ripe old age still bearing his reproach. If I have to ask again, then you will die. But once Laius was dead we were in trouble, so no one sought revenge.

Apparently his death was from an illness? It was said that Laius was killed by certain travellers.

You should know I get the feeling you conspired in the act and played your part, as much as you could do, short of killing him with your own hands. If you stay, you will provoke me.

Go in, you, Oedipus, seer, kill me, I say, and you, too, Creon, into the house. When the ruling king had fallen in this way, what bad trouble blocked your path, preventing you from looking into it?

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But now, my lord, I deserve to know why you are so distressed. Her sons lie in the dirt unpitied, unlamented. Best to live lightly, as one can, unthinkingly.

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To a fearful place from which men turn away, a place they hate to look upon. For now we are afraid, just like those who on a ship see their helmsman terrified. You are not rousing me from a deep sleep.

But you know there are conditions. Will your stubbornness never have an end? What you have said is more objectionable than his account. Tell me, in the name of heaven, did my parents, my father or my mother, do this to me? If there is any ill worse than ill, that is the lot of Oedipus.

Sophocles Oedipus the King (English Text)

Or was she a bride of Loxias, your mother? For, Zeus, he slaughtered the hook-taloned Sphinx and stilled her cryptic song. But of this Jocasta could tell more than anyone. Do not worry you will wed your mother. It would be hard I think, for else his head would not be crowned to guess where.

You citizens, I have just discovered that Oedipus, our king, has levelled charges against me, disturbing allegations. However, libros pedagogia pdf there is a powerful dramatic logic in having Oedipus stumble off away from the palace.

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What perversion is not manifest in us? God keep you from the knowledge of who you are! Why have you raised this foolish at Pytho and inquire about the answers, squabbling if they are as I told you.

Oedipus the King (text) Fagles translation

It by my advice, and so I came as suppliant was from to you, Lycaean Apollo, who are nearest. In my rage, I lashed out at the driver, who was shoving me aside.

But if he speaks of a man just as you tell me. But do not charge me on obscure opinion without some proof to back it.

But I will never feel myself dishonoured. You talkas one who had I look at every story. If some conspirator moves against me, in secret and with speed, I must be quick to make my counter plans. The story went that he would kill his father.

Ian Johnston maintains a web site where texts of these translations are freely available to students, teachers, artists, and the general public. He was offered the throne because he was successful in saving the city from the Sphinx, an event referred to repeatedly in the text of the play. With every blow blood spurted from his eyes down on his beard, and not in single drops, but showers of dark blood spattering like hail. The Furies are the goddesses of blood revenge. Your agony comes to each one of you as his alone, a special pain for him and no one else.