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The Save Results dialog box is displayed. It includes the necessary project management, the configuration for the business processes, as well as the technical features, the test procedure, and the training concepts. Work status should be used if you need a more flexible solution. What is drilled down is dependant upon the expansion relationship behavior chosen in the expand button list.

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Therefore, it might be prudent to hide or lock the dimension. Environments and models are loaded. Performance is a very important component in a project and it should be addressed right from the beginning of the project. Just click file title and download link will show up. In the Expense model, create a new workbook and use drag and drop to build a report with account by entity in the rows and time in the columns.

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The Row and Column Axis are mandatory. Open the Dynamic Report with Nested Rows to view the data for indirect expenses. The accounts are now displayed as list not as a hierarchy. If you want a filter the report data, drag and drop the one or more dimensions to the Page Axis. The Key Terms In this section, you will learn some of the key terms.

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These include field names, screen titles, pushbuttons as well as menu names, paths, and options. Ranking In this section, you will learn about ranking the data of the report.

Use the Log on button to log on to a connection. However, when used for the planning and consolidation application, additional features are available including data input and Data Manager, for example.

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You can then view and modify the local member in the Local Members tab of the Report Editor. The roadmap includes the key steps in the process of implementing a solution. Auto Fit Column Width After any refresh, the application will change the width of all columns to accommodate the largest entry. If there is more than one dimension in the column axis, you can select one member for each dimension. Building a report with the Report Editor Layout tab In this section, numerical methods in engineering and science by grewal pdf you will learn how to create a report within the layout tab of the Report Editor.

Select a dimension, then click Edit Filter. Requirements Analysis Gathering business requirements may be the most important part of a project, and the most challenging! The Active Connection is the connection for all the workbooks.

Sequence Determine the sequence of events from a project planning perspective. The scope of your initiative must be driven by business requirements.

Only the members that meet the filtering criteria will be displayed in the report results. The data retrieval options are the same, regardless of the source. You can also use the Report Editor to insert a separation between the data grid and the row or column axis by using the Shift area.

Sap bpc en-col96 fv part a4-bpc

There are various ways to call the Connection Manager. Where is the actual data coming from?

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The Lock checkbox is automatically checked for the dimension. The cell displayed in the middle of the four blue arrow buttons corresponds to the top left cell of the data grid.

This will deselect the Perform Filtering, then Ranking checkbox on the Filtering tab. Select the filter icon to display members based on their Calc Member Flag property. An action can only be performed if its preceding action is complete. Business process flows can be used to improve the coordination aspects of a process. These connections can be stored on your machine or another machine on the network.

Figure Member Insertion Filtering - Definition Below you can see the dialog that you can use to insert new members. The connection you select will then be considered the active connection. Below you can see the Expand options.

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The methodology of the Implementation Roadmap supports the inclusion of those requirements that are used as the basis for installing the application. If it is left blank, you can click the ellipsis button and either select a previously defined connection or create a connection in the Connection Manager. As an option, you can set any connection as the default by highlighting the connection and clicking Set as default. Strategy Define the project strategy. These are words and characters that you enter in the system exactly as they appear in the documentation.

In this unit, we will cover the key features of the Report Editor. If you want to use Planning and Consolidation later on, you can display the commands that are related to Planning and Consolidation. Click it and That's it, you're done amigo!

Some of these options noted in bold are inherited into the Report Editor Options tab. This can also be accomplished by selecting a dimension, and using the dropdown. Pushing the performance topic to the end of a project will, in most cases, cause delays in the project.

In the Excel Options window, choose Add-ins. On the Layout tab, drag and drop one or several dimensions to the Column Axis.

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