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While she is in a comatose state, some part of her her soul? Would this ever really happen? If you are in the mood for an ugly-cry, look no farther. Houneida Benmahidi I would stay. This is a quiet, deep book filled with a stunning depth of emotion.

It's heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Just listen, Adam says with a voice that sounds like shrapnel. That Mia's loss, was her loss. Even when it feels like all is lost, there is always something there to hold on to. Furthermore, she is a gifted musician and is about to be accepted into the prestigious Julliard.

Adam and Mia are quiet now, so I know I am done with them. And whether she should stay because her life will be miserable if she wakes up. Not necessarily in that order. Mia realizes that she must use her past and her relationships to make a decision for her future.

But now that Adam is here, I'm paralyzed. That's what I'd do, regardless of everything. While I didn't love this book as much as many of my friends did, I still think that it has a lot of heart. The way we react to them is so deeply personal that I'm skeptical about the actual value of my or anyone's review of the work to other readers.

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That decision is a painful process. Watch the movie version coming up which also looks terrible, but what do I know. Mia is the only member of her family to survive, and she finds herself in a coma. If I Stay follows the story of a girl named Mia, with a perfect family who decide to go out into the city on a snow day, and their car crashes, killing everyone in it.

Mia gets stuck in a limbo-like state soon after the accident takes place. It's been so long that I can't remember what my first impression of this book was, but when I started reading this time, I was worried.


Games of Love - L'enjeu t. It is well-written, of course, with a perfect atmosphere fitting the story and all the emotions of the characters, but so are many many other books I've read. Mia's parents made a huge impression on me, they sounded familiar, as if I had met them but avoiding anything resembling a cliche.

This is a thought-provoking, life-changing type of story that makes you ponder your own life and what you would want in a similar situation. Vote in the poll and ratings. The writing isn't perfect.

Here are the problems with the book. This book makes me regret that more now than I've ever regretted it before in my life.

Instead, we are presented with uncertainty, and pockets of hope. Je te laisserai t'en aller. But either way, it was really quite stirring.

Forman creates the sense that life is always worth living, even when it seems that your whole world is falling apart - if you have nothing else, you still have a friend who'd risk their life for you. Without a doubt, Forman has it where it counts. Just as Mia can play Adam like her instrument, so too can Forman play her audience - strumming all the high and low notes with perfect, breathtaking clarity. Unlike my brother, who had never played an instrument before, I could sight-play and was already studied in the necessary music theory aspects from the violin.

Needless to say, this story had me turned into a snotty, sniffling mess in no time! Je t'aime fragile et dure, cool et casse-pieds.

Does a bunch of stories compiled together in an artful way a plot make? Prepare to bawl your eyes out. She has no flaws and depth whatsoever.

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Mia is in a coma from the accident and the story is her having an out of body experience. Mia's somewhat of a cello prodigy and her boyfriend, Adam fronts a band called the Shooting Stars Lauren might like that. Forget this is my choice business. As an aside, I'd just like to add that this book was fantastic in audio format.

And if you have an awful tendency toward existentialism, like I do, these books only become more em Books about death and dying are particularly hard to review. My dad smiles and taps on his pipe.

Quelqu'un pour qui trembler. Another aspect of the book that I enjoyed to my surprise is music.

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