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The fact that the lady makes no mention of the stuff they did sexually with the guy is too big of an omission for me to take this book seriously. Although the writing was only fair, what I really appreciated about this book was that I couldn't put this book down.

You wanted to take her in your arms - hug her- race her to your car - and keep driving away. There is no question of that, and I am very glad that a jury found Warren Jeffs guilty. His family was on her side for a change? How bittersweet it was when she met Lamont and fell in love. But maybe the prophet that has taken over from Jeffs will be a benevolent one.

This is how the reader learns of Warren Jeffs, who would play a key role throughout Wall's story. The small sense of justice I felt as I read his sentencing in the book, was squashed when I did some research and learned that he is still ruling his people through fear while he is behind bars!

But I had a very hard time getting past so many of the things they did wrong. Everyone there knew that it was wrong, including members of Elissa's family, but no one did anything.

Stolen Innocence follows the real-life t How does a mother cope when her twelve-year-old is suddenly abducted? Raw, powerful and unflinchingly honest, Stolen Innocence is the inspiring story of one girls struggle to become a woman, and a bright light on the pain and devastation of abuse. Stolen Innocence is a collection of Lisa's memories of those five years. Who violently stole her innocence and nearly took her life in the process. At first I disliked this book very much, partly because it is not well written and partly because the parents made such foolish, facies models pdf foolish decisions where their daughter was concerned.

He was pretty much ordered to do so. This was an interesting read for me. Mostly, they were just there for her to use when she didn't want to be home with Allen. Franticly grasping for help and reaching out for mercy. Family loyalty is stronger than anything that can break her.

By Elissa Wall & Lisa Pulitzer

Later in life I married into a family with a Mormon faction leading me to begin reading about that schismatic sect in its various varieties. But trust can be deceptive, as she discovers.

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Who is her father and why was he always so distant and absent? Definitely anbinteresting read. Print Hardcover and Paperback. Perhaps if I heard this directly from Elissa, I would feel differently.

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Stolen Innocence

On the other hand, some of the sacrifices I make for my religious beliefs can be pretty difficult to explain too. It doesn't mean they don't want to be good mothers.

An innocent teenager became victim to four vicious thugs rage and lust one cold night in December. As outlandish as the beliefs may seem, I appreciate the show because the characters truly believe in the way they are choosing to live, and it shows their struggles as well as their comfort. This girl has overcome a lot of challenges, and once again I've realized how blessed I am to enjoy so many freedoms. She's been arrested for false reporting in two separate cases in Colorado, allegedly setting off frantic manhunts by repeatedly impersonating abuse victims.

Eventually, she served as the star witness when the state prosecuted and ultimately convicted Warren Jeffs. And when they did, Warren Jeffs orchestrated their mother's literal abandonment of them at the side of the road followed by a complete cut-off from the family and community. When I first started this book, I had high expectations. Since Warren Jeffs would therefore be years old by the earliest time he could be released from prison, Utah decided to drop the retrial. It just made me crazy to read it!

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Such an incredible family! After all he'd been through, why didn't he leave? Now, I fully admit that everything that happened to her was wrong. As well-intentioned as this couple was, they simply did everything wrong.

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Throughout the narrative, Wall returns to discussions of The Prophet, a man drawn from the Church Elders who is seen to have a direct connection with God and whose will is not to be challenged. The organization and flow is good, but I think a lot could have been cut from the book. How do two intelligent people Mr. Garbage book from a horrible mother trying to monetize decades of disgusting choices and behavior. Some of the rules were for his own selfish benefit.

Yet this is the reality Sally Clark had to face. This book left me with a heavy sad feeling.

It was the one part of me that neither Warren nor Allen could touch, and no matter what happens, as long as I have that, I've won. An unbelievably bizarre and awful experience. Jan's story is incredible. First and foremost, kudos to Elissa Wall for her courage to tell this most disturbing true story. Elissa was with her husband and one of her sister's.

Ellisa Wall is a very strong woman and I truly admire her for sharing her painful story with the world. She didn't leave the group until years later so we do see a much desired difference in her ways. They dropped the charges against him. The details of the case are simply fascinating albeit disturbing. That she could endure something so crippling and rise above it to be a loving, successful woman full of faith and goodness is astounding.

My heart skipped a beat when reading this part of the book on how they would sneak around to meet up. That isn't to say it isn't a good book - it is a chilling story well told and the book presents a much more rounded picture of life with its happy times as well as sad than Escape did.

After all he'd been through, why didn't I didn't care for this one nearly as much as those by Carolyn Jessop and Flora Mae Jessop. In fact, I felt she underplayed the actual abuse if anything and was overly aware of how bizarre her life sounds to those of us outside. Wall and his first wife find themselves conned by this cult of fundamentalism? But that's small potatoes compared to the events that started to unfold as Elissa grew older.

Modern smartphones and computers can read files of any format. She eventually left the marriage and was instrumental in getting Warren Jeffs, the then prophet, sent to prison. It is an amazing story and a good view from a female perspective growing up in a cult like that. He would have been thrown out of the sect if he could not control his wife. This is Lisa's story of the worst five years of her life.

We do not store files, because it is prohibited. Who was lead into the arms of sadistic predators. Sad story with a hopeful ending. Wall offers countless examples of strict adherence to a set of beliefs, due both to tradition and the decisions of the Prophet. The family friend in question, by all appearances, is perfect in every way.