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Instead of viewing Flickr as a vibrant community of like-minded individuals that can share ideas and grow as photographers, he sees it as a system that can be played. The other book as you can see is a collection of my street shots, a gift for my followers. If Robert Frank is everybody's number one, this could be everyone's closing number on the list.

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Every photographer, professioanl or amateur, should have a look at this wonderful book. But this book provides a very nice survey of street photographers working today. At the same time, the hardcore pro-shooters who, buoyed by the ease of home printing and publishing, started to loosen their grip on film and embrace the new technology as well. It would also make a fantastic coffee table book as well for those like me that are interested but can't invest time and money into the field.

The black and white images are interesting and you can definitely see the direction that Coghe is taking with his work. Nice to see Asian photographers being shown too.

It takes you step by step to acquire solid basics. Beautiful, witty, stark, and heartbreaking photos. Like Gilden, you need to shoot first and ask questions later. Everyone is a photographer.

Street Faces is the fourth eBook in the list from Thomas Leuthard and this one focusses on street portraits. The photographer whose work I like the most was Nick Turpin. Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. This means rather than taking a full-body shot of someone on the streets, focus on their hands, their feet, their face, their earrings, or anything else they are holding.

Take a ton of shots I recommend photos if possible. Is there a particular South American angle on street photography? Well rounded, international, heterogeneous sense of what street photography is and can be. Not all street photography needs to be super emotional.

But to be more specific, juxtaposition is when you put two different elements in a frame that directly contradict one another while having a relationship. You may or may not agree with everything hs says but it makes for a great read on the commute to work!

He goes into some detail about each photographer and reflects on how their work has influenced him. Still, it's excellent, and some might disagree with my quibble anyway. Now, armed with their instant-review digital cameras, a new generation of street photographers suddenly seemed to be everywhere. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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The hardest thing to do in urban landscapes is to find a scene that somehow elicits a sense of nostalgia, emotion, or societal critique. This can include happiness, pain, sadness, loneliness, humor, anxiety, youth, and love.

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Be the first to ask a question about Street Photography Now. Alert Me We will keep you informed about the world of Street Photography. My guide to street photography, my best seller so far is available and not for free but with an acceptable English. It's a great read for fans of street photography.

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Well documented and inspiring, this book gives a quick introduction to some amazing street photographers. Open Preview See a Problem?

This is what sets Gilden apart from the vast majority of his contemporaries. Either way, a great survey of modern street photography. His background is impressive. Sometimes you can create compelling urban landscapes that show some sort of human condition and reflection on society. Overall a good photo book, in a world where there are fewer and fewer photography books at all.

The well-written text places Street photography and the individual photographers in context, and quotes the photographers for their motives, vision and general way of working. It doesn't bother with technical details like focusing, shutter time etc. The photographers range from well-known people like Martin Parr or Alex Webb to lesser known shooters from all over the world. Your work should look like your work and no one else's.

Feed your artistic side, pick up a copy when you need to smile about humanity! That being said, this is a I believe that with photographyand street photography, in particularone must really delve into a photographer's body of work to experience his or her art.

New York City's sweeping thoroughfares and claustrophobic side streets are, for him, the perfect studio. Great street photos raise more questions than they answer. That being said, this is a good collection of photos, laura hillenbrand unbroken pdf and the writing was better than much of what is being written elsewhere on street photography in the many e-books and blogs out there. Street Photography by Daniel Hoffmann is a miss in my opinion.

This is a great book for someone as myself just starting in photography. But sweet goes a step further and includes personal notes on his favorite master photographers including Joel Meyerowitz, Daido Moriyama, Gary Winogrand, William Klein and Robert Frank to name a few. You can use practically any camera for street photography. Overall, this book is well composed hehe and I feel like it would be a required reading for photography students.

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There were other very powerful pieces on display, but something about his has made me want to seek out more. There are some talented shooters in here that I wanted to explore further, but I was unable to find good presentations of their work elsewhere. As good as a book like this can be expected to be really, except one thing. It is the way to educate your eye, and more.

Regardless, it appears to be a very complete book on the subject. Thomas covers topics like dealing with critics and how to learn from your own failed shots and grow as a photographer. Anyone can get an easy photograph but the thing that will set you apart as a street photographer is your ability to get the uncomfortable shot.

Sweet took a lot away from this chance meeting, inlcuding the fact that you have to have balls to be a street photographer. Then afterwards in the editing process he would choose which image he felt was the best. To find emotion in street photographs is difficult. Some of the best street photographs focus on the details, not the whole picture. Juxtaposition is essentially a fancy word for contrast.

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